Course Description

This course explores the continuum from analog imaging technologies to current digital trends in image making. We will work in a high degree of hands-on experimentation to push the limits of these varied technologies in a creative way while also delving into intermediate to advanced software manipulations. We will also cover key historical milestones in imaging from the first permanent image making methods up to the present day mega-pixel debate. We will discuss key artists in the realm of photography and imaging, major trends and practices, as well as theoretical concerns. We will cover photomontage, glitch art, Xerox Zines, analog still film, narrative sequencing, multi-format scanning, DSLR pinhole cameras, social image sharing, remote and surveillance cameras, personal identity via the camera, cameraless images, panopticons, and also some motion picture work in the digital realm.

Software used: Photoshop, Lightroom, Final Cut Pro X, Keynote/PowerPoint.

NOTE: The course schedule will be posted one week prior to the beginning of the course.


  1. Heliograph (17%)
  2. DSLR Pinhole Panopticon (17%)
  3. Digital Composite: Your Truthiness (17%)
  4. The Analog Portrait (17%)
  5. Glitch Project (17%)
  6. Participation / engagement with the course (10%)
  7. Blog - for posting projects online (5%)


Each project will be out of ten points total. You will earn an amount out of 5 for concept/creative thinking and an amount out of 5 for use of technology / craft.

Tentative Schedule (subject to change per class needs)

week 1:


- Instructor Introduction
- Course overview
- ATLAS Lab Policies
- Student / Class Introductions
- Student Questionnaire
- Student Workspace - File Management and Organization

Lecture: Imaging and its Origins
Part 1: Cave Paintings, Cyanotypes, Heliography, The Camera Obscura, Etc.
Part 2: Analogue and Digital Images.

Photoshop Demo 1. Interface, panels, menus, etc. Drawing, Selecting, Copy/Paste.

T :

Outdoor Image-making demo: Mission 01: Heliograph. --> Scanning--> Photoshop

Photoshop 2. Layers, Adjustment Layers, Masking.



Present your Heliographs. Large format printing.
Large format printing. Resources for online print bureaus: B&H Inkjet fine art printing info, Reed Photo (Denver), MyPhotoPipe, WHCC, Prinstagram.

week 2:


Assignment: get photos of your family's faces for a future assignment.


Outdoor pinhole testing. Photoshop 3: digital stitching, masking, HDR.


Raw file processing, in-class work time. Raw file example.

Links: Digital Sensors / Noise Reduction /



Crit Mission 02 – DSLR Pinhole Panopticon.
Photoshop 3: Digital Compositing, retouching, molding.

week 3:


Mission 03: Digital Composite: Your Truthiness

Photographic Truth and Image Multiplicity: Photomontage, etc.

Truth in image making: Nancy Burson, News Media, Combination Printing, Jerry Uelsman, Cindy Sherman, etc.

-Early collage, Photomontage, Zines
-John Heartfield, Hannah Höch, Rauschenberg, Warhol


Portrait Session-->Face Fixing lab time. Photoshop 3 (continued): Digital Compositing, retouching, molding.


in-class work time



week 4:


Readings: Andres Serrano's portraits of the homeless of NYC. Photogs using Google Street View. See here for the interviews.

Mission 04: The Surveilled Analog Portrait.
The Portrait. The Vantage Point: POV (webcams, helmet cams, wildlife cams, surveillance cams, etc.) cameras. Trevor Paglen.


Field Trip. Mike's Camera (on Pearl and Folsum)

Tim's Vermeer screening.


Animated GIF demo. in-class work time


Crit Mission 04.

week 5:


Film scanning. Glitching.

Lecture: Glitch Art.
Mission 05: Glitch Project.


What is glitch art?.

Precursors (visual): Pierre Codier (Chemigram), Man Ray (Photogram), Chris McCaw (sunburned prints), Hiroshi Sugimoto (lightning fields).

Audio glitch artists: Christian Marclay, Prefuse 73, Vladislav Delay, Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Oval.

Philip Stearns glitch art resources. Image glitcher. Glitch codec tutorial. Video datamoshing.


Non-linear editing - Demo. Video format sizes. Tumblr.


Work time. Datamosh tutorial. Takagi Masakatsu.


Video upload. Crit of Mission 05: Glitch. Goodbyes.